Solving one email error in Laravel

Sending email doesn't have to be complicated. Laravel provides a clean, simple email API powered by the popular SwiftMailer library.
Laravel's email services may be configured via your application's
config/mail.php configuration file. Each mailer configured within this file may have its own unique configuration allowing your application to use different email services to send certain email messages... Laravel Mail

Using Mailtrap in developing not cause troubles but other smtp mail services could occur an error.  Solving a part of that cases could lay in settings of config/mail.php. Adjust the value MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS in .env the same as in config/mail.php 'from' => 'address'..., as shown on the picture. 

// config/mail.php   
'from' => [
      'address' => env('MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', 'your_address@mail.mmm'),
      'name' => env('MAIL_FROM_NAME', 'Your_name'),

// .env

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